Testing for Durability and Longevity

In 2014, successful testing was completed by an independent, accredited third party laboratory in the United States. This testing procedure simulated real world driving conditions in the rain with an astounding 500,000 windshield wiper cycles. Upon completion of the test it was noted that the coating was still exhibiting a good water repellent effect and did not require any re-application.

While the coating is effective for up to five years on the side windows of a vehicle, this test confirmed that quite an extensive service life can be achieved on the windshield as well. Nanovations Pty LTD, with its high-tech “Vision Protect™” is the first windshield coating manufacturer that has undertaken such a harsh test, simulating real life conditions. Users can expect “Vision Protect™” to work for up to two years on their windshield and extend the life of their wiper blades.